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Speed comparison of Postgresql modules for nginx Openresty

For an application we are working on that will track user interactions with things, we need the fastest possible solution in order not to slow down the other end (too much). So I benchmarked the different PostgreSQL modules available for … Continue reading

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Capitole du libre Toulouse 2013

I went to Capitole du Libre this week end in Toulouse to assist the Lua Workshop 2013. It was a great event. I met Roberto Ierusalimschy, the leading developer of this little language and met all these other Lua fans. … Continue reading

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Install Postgresql 9.3 on Elementary OS Luna

Luna is based on Ubuntu Precise. First follow the steps here : But use precise instead of squeeze. Then set a high priority preference for the new repository. I used 1000 because Elementary is 999 and apt-get -t only … Continue reading

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Problems compiling PHP 5.3.19 on Mountain Lion

I had to add EXTRA_CFLAGS = -lstdc++ -lresolv to Makefile when trying to compile PHP 5.3.19 with: ./configure –prefix=/usr/local –mandir=/usr/share/man –infodir=/usr/share/info –sysconfdir=/private/etc –enable-cli –with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php/etc –with-libxml-dir=/usr –enable-xml –enable-exif –enable-ftp –with-gd –with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local/lib –with-png-dir=/usr/local/lib –enable-gd-native-ttf –with-imap=/usr/local –with-imap-ssl –enable-magic-quotes –enable-mbstring –enable-mbregex –enable-json –with-mysql=mysqlnd –with-mysqli=mysqlnd … Continue reading

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Keyboard layout on Linux for people coming from Mac

Since I almost never used a PC before, I am a bit lost with the default keyboard layout. There is this annoying Windows key, the Alt key on the left is not the same as the right one, there is … Continue reading

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Twitter Bootstrap and the QuickForm2 Callback Renderer

I don’t know about you, but for me building HTML Forms and styling HTML Forms are maybe the most boring things in web development. It’s repetitive and takes a lot of time to do things correctly. That’s why tools like … Continue reading

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PHP with Intl and Gettext on OSX Lion

Mac OSX Lion ships with PHP 5.3.6. There are also other ways to get PHP working on Lion, for example: Liip distributes a full featured PHP 5.3 binary for Lion Zend has its Zend Server Community Edition MacPorts Homebrew These … Continue reading

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From iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S2

Two days ago, I received my new Samsung Galaxy S2, which is a smartphone running Android. Previously, I was using an iPhone 3G but it really started to feel sluggish more and more with time. I was still using iOS … Continue reading

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Getting started with HTML_QuickForm2

QuickForm 2 is a PHP library which makes the development of complex and modern HTML forms easier and faster. It is the natural successor of QuickForm with a new revamped API, PHP5 support, new features and less bloat. Its development … Continue reading

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