PhpMyAdmin, I feel sorry for you…

My goodness, I have recently updated PhpMyAdmin to last version (4.1) ! What a piece of crap this became, UI wise. The team behind this project should really focus on usability instead of toying with jQuery UI widget or whatever crappy framework they use for that.

PhpMyAdmin used to be the reference in terms of good UI in the PHP 4 days. Now, PhpMyAdmin is becoming the reference for what you should avoid, unless you want to turn off your users. All these useless buttons, alerts, “ajaxified one page app” gadgets makes the application so painful to use.

I am going to stick with the last usable version if I can find which one it is (I bet I’ll find it if I grep for xmlhttprequest).

Update : Instead of searching for the last usable PhpMyAdmin version, I have installed Adminer and it seems to be enough for our needs.

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19 Responses to PhpMyAdmin, I feel sorry for you…

  1. Out of interest, why do you need phpMyAdmin? There are some pretty decent desktop clients out there that do a better job. Two I’d recommend are MySQL Workbench (OSX/Linux/Windows) and SequelPro (OSX).

    I’m just wondering what use case there is for web-based MySQL clients nowadays.

    • It is true that, with SSH tunnels for example, desktop applications can rival with web-based apps today. Still, having a webapp can prove useful when you’re not at your desk or with your computer.

    • Vasilis says:

      I wouldn’t recommend MySQL Workbench. It sucks. Instead of focusing of making it stable by each newer version it seems that Oracle introduces new bugs that make you, the developer that wants to work and not play around, swear and curse Oracle all the time. Maybe they do it on purpose, who knows…

      Unfortunately, it seems that there’s no free or FOSS alternative to MySQL Workbench. So, I would recommend spending a few $ and buying a decent modelling and administration tool for MySQL.

  2. Really? says:

    Wow, thanks. I was really curious about your opinion on phpMyAdmin`s design. That is the reason I am subscribed to PHP Planet`s feed, so I can catch up with such relevant content for the community.

    Thanks again!

  3. DizzyC says:

    Trying to be sarcastic, good for you :)
    In the meantime… it’s about usability and user experience and I happen to also think phpmyadmin is becoming some bloated hog instead of offering usability and sticking to what it is supposed to do.
    But hey.. that’s just me. Luckily there are alternatives nowadays..

  4. Heh looks like all the traffic killed the Adminer website, since me and everyone just clicked your link lol :D

  5. Dave says:

    I feel exactly the same I used to swear by phpmyadmin I try not to use it now instead I use desktop clients, Sequel Pro for Mac and HeidiSQL for Windows.

    • Well, I am in Sequel Pro “About…” box, so I cannot rant against it :) That’s only because a long time ago, there was very little Cocoa developers and I posted some methods for the Objective-C driver for MySQL written by Serge Cohen. He added me to the credits but I don’t really deserve it…

  6. Stefan says:

    Absolutely! I hate the new UI! Moreover, the new UI with inline-edits is simply dangerous :-(

    Asked out Admin to provide a previous release in parallel to the current one.

  7. Jono says:

    Just use adminer (‎)

  8. lol. says:

    are you kidding? in what world was PhpMyAdmin ever a reference for ui?

  9. kamil says:

    User Adminer The Best tool to replace phpmyadmin… trust me.

  10. enumag says:

    Also have a look at this skin for adminer, it really looks great:

  11. LC_ says:

    Adminer may be a good find thanks.

    Nowadays I also use the integrated DB support in PhpStorm a lot.

  12. Gabi says:

    Ha! Had the same feelings about phpmyadmin and version 4 – UI crap :)
    Thanks for sharing my thoughts :) and for `Adminer` link, i will give it a try.

  13. Caco says:

    I settled to adminer, too.

    The jQueryUIAdmin is only a falback if adminer does not support the task currently needed…