Install Postgresql 9.3 on Elementary OS Luna

Luna is based on Ubuntu Precise.

First follow the steps here :
But use precise instead of squeeze.

Then set a high priority preference for the new repository. I used 1000 because Elementary is 999 and apt-get -t only goes to 900 which was not enough.
See :

Use apt-cache policy postgresql-common to make sure that the one from the new repository will be used instead of Elementary’s.

Finally, I had to modify /etc/os-release because the Postgresql install script looks for Ubuntu or Debian, not Elementary. So ID=ubuntu and VERSION_ID="12.0.4".

And it worked..!

To Postgresql packagers : please consider other ubuntu based distros (mint, elementary). It is now easier to install Postgresql on OSX than on Linux because the packages are not done correctly.

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